We believe nobody should die because
they needed FIRST AID and didn't receive it.
We aim to train as many people as possible, so
they can be the difference between a life lost
and a life saved.

Training Methods

First Choice FIRST AID deliver on site FIRST AID Training at your location. All courses can be customised to suit your specific industry requirements. This means we focus on the FIRST AID issues that are relevant to your worksite or home environment.

First Choice FIRST AID also deliver FIRST AID Training at set locations throughout the month.

From workplace solutions through to a group of mums requiring training in home we can come to you when and where you require – Throughout the Wide Bay region

Effective, Efficient and Entertaining

The innovative independent study method of delivery helps you learn and remember and is flexible enough to accommodate many learning styles.  With independent study, your time with your First Choice FIRST AID instructor is focused on practical skills rather than lecturing.

Though First Choice FIRST AID courses and materials lend themselves well to independent study, there are many different ways to learn.  In some cases, a personal delivery in a class-type environment offers it own advantages.  You decide with your First Choice FIRST AID instructor which methods works best for you.

Instructor-Led Approach

The total time for the course is a minimum of 16 hours face-to-face training over a period of two days.

Independent Study Approach

Independent study required prior to a minimum of 6 hours face-to-face (classroom) training.  This is the most time efficient method.